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VendingMisers in Minnesota

Documented Installations

Many customers purchase or evaluate Miser family products and often they document their test results and experiences for us. Below is a collection of links of customers’ letters, test results and pictorials of actual installations in PDF format. Some of these documents refer to Bayview Technologies, as this was the name of the company prior to the acquisition by USA Technologies in 2003. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.  Download a copy of Acrobat Reader and PDF Viewer plug-in if it is not already installed.

Please note that this information should not be construed as product endorsements by either the individuals or the institutions that employ them.

Click here to see a pictorial of several VendingMiser installations throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana plus a link of VendingMiser installations at  Radisson@Star Plaza Hotel in Merrillville, IN, courtesy of Sanders and Associates.

Student energy teams in over 40 Kentucky public school districts, working through NEED, conducted one VendingMiser test per school district. (click here to download test resultsVendingMisers were provided free by Sanders and Associates, representative and reseller for USA Technologies. That triggered purchases by many Kentucky schools and recognition from EnergyStar.

The College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 60 beverage vending machines in 2012 are now equipped with the energy-saving VendingMiser system with a payback of less than two years.

Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, installed 60 internal VM2iQ VendingMisers in 2011 that required the approval of both Morehead State University and the Commonwealth of Kentucky through Siemens.

The City of Houston in 2007 purchased 285 VendingMisers for beverage vending machines in City-owned and operated facilities and parks. The devices, which reduce energy consumption by powering down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant, will be installed on the beverage vending machines in the coming weeks. Together these energy saving devices will reduce the City’s vending machine electricity consumption by forty to fifty percent. This represents an annual savings of $34,712 or $98 per machine.

The Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center study in 2005 revealed that the installation of the VendingMiser on beverage vending machines at the University of Louisville Kentucky showed energy savings between 28% and 63%.

The University of Georgia installed 272 VendingMisers® on their campus in 2002 after measuring 43% average savings during their tests. A follow-up e-mail from the University confirms just how invisible their installation is.