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Understanding Energy Star for nonperishable vending machines

Understanding Energy Star can generate energy savings for more energy efficient refrigerated vending machines. The current version is 3.1 effective 2013.

Qualification criteria is listed below which includes the low power mode. This means that the machine must be operating in at least one of the three low power modes in order to meet the Energy Star MDEC criteria stated below to be on the Energy Star approved list. Energy Star has required the same low power mode since 2007, but it is estimated that up to 70% of the machines in service today do not meet the current energy saving Energy Star standard.

A more effective choice for immediate and sustainable energy savings of up to 46% is

  • Install the VendingMiser® w/motion sensor that shuts down the entire machine including lights for up to 100 minute intervals to save energy when there is no activity within 20 feet for 15 minutes;
  • or install the internal VM2iQ® VendingMiser® that only shuts down the compressor for up to 100 minute intervals when there is no sales activity to save energy. (for machines with card readers)
  • VendingMiser will lower the average daily energy usage in all refrigerated beverage vending machines equal to at or below using the applicable MDEC ratings stated below.
  • VendingMiser have an ambient temperature controller to assure the beverages stays cold.
  • VendingMiser technology offers more “sustainable” energy savings over a five year period than most other energy conservation technologies since vending machines operate 24/7. This is validated with a 5 year warranty.
  • VendingMiser will extend the life of the vending machine by reducing the compressor cycles and lowering the maintenance costs so many vending companies support installing VendingMiser.
  • The external VendingMiser® will show a red LED light in the motion sensor as an alert when the com-pressor has not stopped running for at least eight (8) hours which is a malfunction of the machine.

VendingMiser will not shut down the compressor when it is running.

Qualification Criteria for version 3.1

Refrigerated beverage vending machines shall consume equal to or less than the MDEC (Maximum Daily Energy Consumption) values, in kWh/day*, using the equations below based on vendible capacity in cubic feet.

EXAMPLE Mfr: Dixie Narco 501E Vendible capacity@ 54 cu ft

  • Class A —New and Rebuilt Machines: 0.0523V + 2.432 = 5.25 kWh*
  • Class B —New and Rebuilt Machines: 0.0657V + 2.844 = 6.39 kWh*

The machine shall be capable of operating in one of the following low power modes:

  1. Lighting low power state: lights off for an extended period of time.
  2. Refrigeration low power state: the average beverage temperature is allowed to rise to 40°F or higher for an extended period of time.
  3. Whole machine low power: the lights are off and the refrigeration is in the low power state.
  4. In addition, the machine shall be capable of returning back to its normal operating conditions at the conclusion of the inactivity period.

Additional Information:

  • Even with the low power mode, additional energy savings will occur using VendingMiser (as confirmed by the University of Michigan UM Energy Star case study) since over 50% of total energy use is from the compressor.
  • See the VM age on how to determine the date of manufacture for three of the more common machines in service today to confirm the age of the machine.
  • VendingMiser and/or CoolerMiser can also be installed on coolers which are classified by Energy Star as commercial refrigerators and not vending machines.
  • See website for more information on VendingMiser. Not to be overlooked is that many electric utilities offer rebate incentives. Ex: Duke Energy—$50; AEP—$100; DPL—$50