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Keeping electronic equipment powered off when not needed can prolong its lifespan and save as much as $320 in energy per office, per year.

PlugMiser turns off idle equipment.

PlugMiser saves energy on all types of plug loads, including arcade games, computer monitors, task lights, radios, copiers, personal printers, space heaters, and more! It’s invisible to the user and it installs in minutes with universal mount.

It’s a quick, inexpensive solution to energy savings that results in…

  • Early ROI
  • Enviromental benifits
  • Longer machine lifespan

PlugMiser’s practical approach to power…

It uses its own custom passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to power down electrical equipment when not in use. Its 1,230 Watt capacity ensures that a large assortment of loads can be safely controlled. When someone comes within range of the equipment, PlugMiser powers it back up.

Room Control..

PlugMiser’s built in Sensor Repeater allows several pieces of equipment to be controlled with multiple PlugMiser’s using only one PIR sensor. And, PlugMiser can be combied with any other Miser product.

Energize your savings and conservation…

One PlugMiser reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1.2000 lbs. of CO2 and 2,050 grams of NOx each year*.

* Based on occupancy and the Energy information Administration’s national average of greenhouse gas emissions and electricity generation.