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EnergyMiser Applications

Opportunities to Save Energy with EnergyMiser™

Join the thousands of corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, government facilities, retail stores and hospitality properties that conserve energy cost and preserve the environment with our line of EnergyMiser™ energy control products for nonperishable cold beverage vending machines, snack vending machines and electronic equipment of all types. The following is a breakdown of the energy saving opportunities.

VendingMiser® and VM2iQ™

(12 Amps, ½ HP Motors Maximum – Closed Front Vending Machines for nonperishable foods)


Store Front or Entry – Retail

    • Beverage Vending Machines


Break Rooms

    • Soft Drink Vendors


Public Schools, Colleges and Universities

    • Cafeteria
    • Teacher’s break rooms


(12 Amps, ½ HP Motors Maximum – all glass sliding and pull door coolers for nonperishable foods)


Cash Register – Retail

    • Glass-Front Coolers for Beverages



    • Glass-Front Coolers for Beverages


(12 Amps, 1230 Watts Maximum)


Break Room

    • Snack Vendors


(PlugMiser will handle any load up to 12 Amps, 1230 Watts Maximum)
PlugMiser™ is for use on all types of plug loads, including arcade games, computer monitors, task lights, radio, copiers, personal printers, space heaters and more

Membership Desk

    • Computer Monitors
    • Space Heaters


Store Floor

    • Security Monitors (in various locations throughout the store)
    • ATM Machines
    • Digital Photo Print Machines


Drop Down Electrical Lines Powering In-house Demo Units

    • 1/3 HP fans
    • Garden Water Fountains (water pump)
    • Air Purifiers
    • Air Conditioners (Fan only)
    • Shelf Lighting – 20 single tube T-8 36 W lamps
    • Computer Monitors
    • Radio / “Boom Box”
    • DVD Players
    • LCD Big Screen TVs
    • Plasma TVs
    • Assorted Conventional TVs


Jewelry Display Case

    • Small Fluorescents


Optical Department

    • Monitors

Food Court

    • Icemaker/Drink Dispensers (Scotsman)
    • Pizza Conveyor Belt Type Heaters (Always on)
    • Pretzel Maker Belt Type – (Always on)


Break Room

    • Large Screen TVs
    • Radios


Meat Department

    • Shrink Wrap Machines


Store Front

    • Crane Game or Other Video Games



    • Task Lights
    • Paper Shredders
    • Flavia Coffee Machine
    • Document Scanners
    • Coffee Makers
    • Personal Fans
    • Plug-in Adding Machines
    • Water Coolers
    • Space Heaters

Many utility rebates are available. For more information, contact the following authorized representative and reseller:

Sanders and Associates
1601 Tyrone Road
Troy, OH 45373
PH: 937-335-0293