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Refresh your profits while you reduce your cost.

Start a cooling trend that saves you money and conserves both energy and greenhouse gas emissions. CoolerMiser incorporates its innovative energy saving technology into a small, plug-and-play powerhouse that installs in minutes.

CoolerMiser offers…

  • A quick, inexpensive solution for energy savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Early ROI (with the many utility rebate programs available, it could cost your facility nothing to obtain & install)
  • Longer machine lifespan
  • Capability to control single, double or triple door coolers

    Power sense that’s as cool as it gets…

    Compatible with all glass-front coolers that contain non-perishable goods, CoolerMiser’s Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) powers down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant.

    CoolerMiser’s inside intelligence…

  • Monitors the room’s temperature
  • Periodically re-powers the cooling system
  • Ensures that the product stays cold
  • Behavior you can trust

CoolerMiser analyzes performance on a cycle-by-cycle basis, constantly responding to changes in load, sales and environment. It then modifies its behavior accordingly, ensuring proper operation and temperature controls.

This Miser runs the bank…

For a bank of coolers, CoolerMiser can use its embedded Sensor Repeater, which allows it to be controlled from the PIR sensor of any other Miser in the bank.

Ups and downs…

CoolerMiser’s electrical current sensor eliminates compressor short cycling – it will never power down the machine while the compressor is running. When the machine is on, the cooling cycle is allowed to finish before powering down, reducing wear and tear and prolonging profitability.

*CoolerMisers typically reduce energy cost by $100 per machine, per year. That energy savings impacts the environment by bringing CO2 emissions down by 1600lbs, Nox by 2740g. (Based on occupancy and the Energy Information Administration’s national average of greenhouse gas emissions and electricity generation).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CoolerMiser keep my drinks cold? Absolutely – CoolerMiser has been extensively tested in countless field and laboratory environments and does not compromise the for-sale products.

Is the CoolerMiser easy to install? Yes! CoolerMiser is a quick and easy plug-and-play product. The CoolerMiser can be installed on a wall with simple hand tools or it can be mounted on a cooler without tools in 5 minutes using the EZ mount bracket.

Is CoolerMiser safe for all machines? Yes! CoolerMiser is compatible with all types of coolers. CoolerMiser analyzes the cooler it controls and then modifies its behavior to match the cooler’s requirements. In fact, by reducing run time of the machines, CoolerMiser reduces the cooler’s maintenance costs.

Are there locations inappropriate for CoolerMiser? CoolerMiser’s savings are generated primarily by location vacancy. Therefore, a machine in a location that is occupied 24-hours, 7 days a week will not generate savings.

Who uses EnergyMisers? Several large retailers such as WalMart and Kroger have installed EnergyMiser Products at their locations. Educational facilities along with the US Government have purchased EnergyMisers through GSA.


VendingMiser Models

  • VM150 – For use indoors when wall mounting.
  • VM151 – For use as secondary unit when indoors and wall mounting.
  • VM160 – Weatherproof model for use outdoors when wall mounting.
  • VM161 – Weatherproof model for use as a secondary unit when outdoors and wall mounting.
  • VM170 – For use indoors when machine mounting.
  • VM171 – For use as secondary unit when indoors and machine mounting.
  • VM180 – Weatherproof model for use outdoors when machine mounting.
  • VM181 – Weatherproof model for use as a secondary unit when outdoors and machine mounting.
  • VM2iQ – Internally mounted model for use in high occupancy locations.

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Technical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage:  115 Volts (230 Volts avail.

Input Frequency:  50/60 Hz

Maximum Load:  12 Amps (Steady-State)

Power Consumption:  Less than 1 Watt (Standby)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp:  -15°C to 75°C

Storage Temp:  -40°C to 85°C

Relative Humidity:  95% Maximum (Non-Condensing)


Coolers:  Any cooler, except those containing perishable goods, which do not exceed 12 Amp nameplate rating

Inactivity Timeouts

Occupancy Timeout:  15 minutes

Auto Re-power:  1 to 3.5 hours, dynamically adjusted, based on cooler performance and ambient temperature


Size:  4.5”W x 1.75”H x 3.25”D

Weight:  2.2 lbs. (incl. power cable)

Regulatory Approvals

Safety:  UL/C-UL Listed Information Technology Equipment (ITE) 9T79